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Chiropractic care for long-term, chronic pain

Chronic pain in any part of your body can last for days, months, or even years. It can be tiring and disruptive in your life. Whatever your type of pain condition may be, chiropractic provides natural and non-invasive treatment for pain management.

Chiropractic treatment is an alternative and complementary form of medicine. We make no claims to cure chronic disorders. We do, however, offer treatment to reduce pain and decrease dependency on prescription medications for people with chronic pain.

You can talk to your general physician about integrating chiropractic care into your chronic pain treatment.

Understanding your chronic pain

An estimated 50 million Americans live with chronic pain – which is pain lasting for 6 months or more (Source). There are many causes for long-term pain, including injuries and underlying medical conditions. Sometimes there is no medical explanation or solution for pain problems.

Pain can be mild to severe, intermittent to constant, distracting to debilitating. Symptoms of long-term pain can be varied:

  • Burning
  • Stabbing
  • Aching
  • Pulsing
  • And many other sensations

Because of the lack of diagnosis or a lack of a cure for their specific disorder, the healthcare goals of many people living with chronic pain become reducing or managing pain rather than eliminating it. A doctor of chiropractic is well trained in pain management for undiagnosed pains, chronic pain syndrome, and other conditions.
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What causes chronic pain?

Because it is such a broad term, this pain can be categorized into four groups.

Neuropathic (nerve related) pain: caused by damage or malfunction in the central or peripheral nervous system. One type of nerve pain commonly treated by chiropractic is sciatica.

Muscle pain: often occurs following an injury or repetitive motions. Chiropractic treats not only low back pain but also muscle pain throughout the body.

Inflammatory pain: caused by inflammatory agents triggering main sensory nerves and pain signals. An example would be arthritis pain, which can be reduced with help from chiropractic.

Mechanical/compressive pain: pressure or stretching activates nerve cells that are sensitive to pain. Chiropractic relieves pressure in the spine and reduces this pain, like in cases of a herniated disk.

Additionally, there are often times where chronic pain cannot be traced to a physical source. This is referred to as psychogenic pain because the explanations for the pain are things like anxiety, depression, excessive stress, etc.
Chronic health

How pain affects
your mental health

Ongoing and severe pain can have a large impact on your emotional well-being. People dealing with this type of pain are often at risk for increased anxiety and depression. The American Psychological Association states that the management of emotional health is as equally as important as treating pain physically (Source).

Suggestions from the APA for coping with chronic pain include:

  • Manage stress in healthy ways like eating and sleeping well
  • Talk to yourself constructively
  • Stay active and engaged with positive things in your life
  • Find support groups
  • Consult a mental health professional
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Chiropractic care as
pain management

Even without a diagnosis of the cause, treating chronic pain often starts with prescription pain medications. Non-narcotic pain medicine uses nerve blocks to cancel pain signals to the brain to relieve pain.

Although opioid pain medications are normally used to treat acute pain rather than chronic issues, it becomes an option when regular medications do not work. Opioid medications have more negative side effects and greater chance of addiction.

Many chronic pain sufferers seek out alternative medicine like physical therapy or chiropractic because they do not want to be dependent on prescription medications or they experience harmful side effects from taking them.

How a chiropractor can help your chronic pain

Chiropractic care is a safe and effective treatment option for chronic pain sufferers. At your first visit to our office, we will ask about your medical history and conduct a physical exam. This allows your doctor or chiropractic to build a customized treatment plan to meet your specific health needs.

The unique focus of chiropractic treatment is the spinal adjustment. By focusing on correcting the alignment of the spine, chiropractors also enable a healthy nervous system and pain relief. A healthy spine is an important hub in your body that promotes overall health.

If you are ready to find safe and natural treatment for your chronic pain, we are ready to see you for a consultation.
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